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Borgloon, the cool, calm and collected

Borgloon started out as a humble hamlet and this will now change. The city with potential : its stunning scenery, its location and its cool calm and collected character. The city has one of the coolest and most creative architectural creation on top of that lovely hill. The community that offers friendly and sincere smile. Located next to 2 unique cities, Hasselt and Tongeren. Hasselt, with the modern vibe while Tongeren as Belgium's oldest city. These neighbors of ours make high-street-shopping, cool-cafés hopping and Sunday-antiques-market shopping possible.  Just 1.5 hour away from the airport, and you end up in the middle of the green forests, favorite scenery for cyclists and trekkers or you, me in particular...

Have a rest at Kirisavan. We have everything prepared for you. Comfy rest, yummy breakfast, picnic lunch, oriental dining experiences and back to nice warm bed!


Borgloon as it is

We are pretty sure that many of you do not have 'Borgloon' on your bucket list. Well that is fine. LET KIRISAVAN THEN BE! WELL but who are we to kid IF you just need to see  its 'Reading Between the Lines' Church on top of the hill with the panoramic view down below where you can come with your bike for a picnic? this is no where else.. And what about that very same steel church, the unique piece of art that plays with sun light and each second during sunset gives you a different painting?



favorite near by's

Hasselt - Limburg's capital. As humble as Belgium can be, the city has everything. 15 minutes by car / 30 Mins by bus from Borgloon and you reach into bunches of boutique restaurants, world class cocktail bars, high end shopping streets and a lot of places to visit such as The Japanese Garden, mode museum and the list goes on. Thinking of the kids? 'Plopsaland Indoor', the fun park they can enjoy in both summer and winter. Feeling rock&roll? Visit Hasselt during Pukkelpop music festival. Combine Hasselt with your stay at Kirisavan.

Tongeren - Belgium's oldest city, close to border to the Netherlands and 15 minutes from Borgloon. The city was the major trading hub from prehistory to Roman times. Traces of old days medieval walls and the hero King Ambiorix statue. For those who are into deep, antique market on a sunday morning is the way to day dream even more.

Check out these places and you'll understand why you'll need to extend your stay at KIRISAVAN : Maastricht - Liege - Dinant - Monschau - Durbuy


The reason to love belgium, and the never ending list

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picture credit : FaceBook - tomorrowland

picture credit : FaceBook - tomorrowland

the festivals and the events


Ranges from Formula 1 grand prix to tomorrowland music festival, festivals in belgium will blow your mind. plan your stay together with the event you pin in mind.

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